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Hello, fellow makers!I have another model update for you. Now the Mini Kobra 3's Y axis can connect to the Body of the model without glue along with the Power Supply Models. The as...More>
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This is entirely a result of practicing using PowerPoint, and was not endorsed by Anycubic in any-way-bic. I chose the Kobra 2 Pro because it is the best printer I have, and as I c...More>
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Hi, after getting fed up with the amount of time it takes to drain resin through a paper filter due to the resin creating an air block i created this special funnel that avoids tha...More>
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My name is JAV3D, and I'm delighted to be here and greet you all. My journey with 3D printing started in 2021, and in 2023 I focused on design. I'm committed to lifelong learning, ...More>
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After making the decision to leave a platform, I found this one where I could share my work. I hope you like it.HERE
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We all know it's possible to print a Benchy on the Kobra 2 Pro in 14m 56s exactly, but that's using Anycubic's top secret speed profile. Here a place you can post your record Benchy speed using your own profile. If you have a faster printer feel free to share, but I hope to see m...More>
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Regular Maintenance: Keeping the print bed, nozzle, and drive systems clean on a regular basis is crucial. This prevents clogs and material residues, ensuring the accuracy and quality of prints.Proper Bed Leveling: Maintaining a level and appropriately positioned print bed helps ...More>
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Got 2 cool Fidget toys I wanna tell you about. The first one's a basic rectangular cube – folding it is kinda addicting, can't stop, seriously. Then is the other one, it's in a s...More>
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For FDM Models:1. Sandpaper is the MVP: I usually kick off with some coarse sandpaper and then work my way up to finer grits. Like, start with 180, then move to 400, and finish off with 1000. It smooths out those layers and gets rid of any noticeable lines.2. Fine-tuning the Deta...More>
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Wow, 3D printing has indeed opened up a world of fascinating opportunities for tangible applications! I've ventured into designing and printing some interesting items, such as:🚿...More>
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