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Anycubic Creative Kit
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This summer, we developed the Anycubic Motion Kit as a fun and creative model component. To allow more users to use and experience this kit, we are hosting three accompanying conte...More>
670 4 16
🌟 Are you eager to flaunt your skills and creativity with your Anycubic kits? 🌟We’re excited to kick off the Anycubic Creative Kit Showcase, happening from May 28 to July 1! This is your chance to dazzle the community by assembling your kits, demonstrating the printing pr...More>
1.4k 10 38
My mouse that I've had for a while is getting grimy, so I figured I'd finally print the parts for the mouse kit. I looked, and it says Not Found!
69 1 1
When I ordered my Anycubic Photon Mono X2 I couldn't help myself 😅 I took a look at Anycubic creative kits and they are so cool 😍 So I decided to buy the mouse kit and the su...More>
49 3 0
Finally finished up the wireless mouse kit that came with my Kobra 3! 😁 #AnycubicCreativeKit
44 3 0
I was thinking of remixing the carousel into donuts, but ultimately it was too big to contain the mechanism.It will therefore be a UFO circling above its cloud.For this it is neces...More>
82 5 5
I have order the mouse kit from Anycubic since I've been thinking about building a 3D printed mouse for a while. To start, you have to print a base with the battery cover, an inner...More>
98 1 2
Hello !My print, in PLA, of the A02 version of "Anycubic Sunglasses Kit" by "Makeronline" with the "Anycubic Sunglasses Creative Kit" Slicer : Anycubic Slicer v1.4.3 (Win) https:/...More>
73 3 0
I made this Hexagon Swirl Lamp using the body of the pencil cup I made a while back. I modified it to fit the Anycubic Creative Kit, and this is how it turned out! You can download...More>
54 4 0
Printed with Glow in the Dark Filament and the Anycubic LED KitEasy two part print with no support
49 3 0
Hello !My print, in PLA, of my two simplistic Cylindrical and Cubical lamps for the Anycubic LED Lamp Creative Kit.Slicer : Anycubic Slicer v1.4.2 (Win)Printer : Anycubic Kobra 2 P...More>
79 2 2


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