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Hey everyone,We’re excited to announce Anycubic’s Second Season Challenge: "Cubic Your Any Idea - Coloring My City" is now live and in full swing! 🌟How to Participate:Print ...More>
43 2 0
Hello Creators!We are thrilled to announce the launch of Anycubic's Second Season Challenge: "Cubic Your Any Idea - Coloring My City"! Let's bring your creativity to life and trans...More>
240 10 3
The Kobra 3 is finally here, so the real multicolor printing can begin.I skip the assembly part which is on the same level as an IKEA piece of furniture and so you just need to kno...More>
17 2 1
These are the really cool city style drums. Have you ever wanted to make music in your city? Well place these drums around the city and watch the magic as many people go up and play. The sticks are ergonomically designed for anyone's hands and the whole thing is print in place an...More>
29 1 0
This is my entry to the Coloring My City Challenge. I designed it because this year we have had a very severe drought in the area where I live and we have had restrictions on water...More>
26 3 0
I received the following email this morning. Note the from address. I did not reply or click the link, as it feels like a scam email (very generic). I had entere...More>
104 0 3
The models are no longer a popularity contest! They're individually scored each day. Unrelated models will be disqualified, and there are individual categories for scoring: Creativity, Visual Impact, and Completeness. There's a maximum, but if you have low-scoring models you can ...More>
67 2 2
注意:本帖的中文版本在下方可查看。🌟Welcome to Anycubic's Second Season Challenge: Cubic Your Any Idea - Coloring My City.🏙✨The event will run from July 1st to August 15th, we encourage you to submit your translation of an ideal urban life through unique a...More>
896 8 19
Hi Guys @Makeronline, have you already paid out the winnings for the challenge to paypal? i'm starting to worry that i've entered something wrong.Big Thanks Dr.W
84 4 2
Will you soon have a new challenge similar to the old one?
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