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注意事项:1.内部电机采用无刷前出轴电机 2.电机固定底座目前为2312s电机(pdd:仕免迈福家的大疆精灵4(Phantom 4)2312s电机)底座,如...More>
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Hey, community buddies! Lately, I've been diving into the world of personalized customization for 3D printer parts, and it's been an absolute blast! I wanted to share my experience...More>
3.7k 2 1
Gotta spill the deets on how I threw together my 3D print cave. Been working in this scene for over 3 months, always dreaming of having my own printing studio.At first, just dabbli...More>
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I'm all about that filament life! Whenever I see folks flexing their filament collections, I get hyped too. Got a stack of filament pics in my album – let's vibe and share the lo...More>
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If you're a passionate gamer looking to elevate your gaming experience, here are some customized 3D printed electronic accessories that will take your gaming setup to new heights! ...More>
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1. Use Pet-Friendly Materials: Choose 3D printing materials safe for your pet, like food-grade options. Check the material guide to avoid harmful chemicals.2. Ensure Smooth Finish...More>
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