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Daily Model Reward
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Hello 3D Designers,Get ready to flex your design muscles and win daily! Introducing our Daily 3D Model Upload Challenge, where your creativity earns you more than just applause.🎁 Win Big Every Day:$30 Gift Cards: Every day, 1 to 10 designers will be rewarded with a $30 gift ca...More>
2.1k 15 89
Took a bit of tweaking but i'm really pleased how this vase turned out. Printed in Silk PLA.
20 0 0
This morning i designed the following wall mountable headset/controller stand.I wanted a design that could hold both a controller and the headset. with steel series headsets having...More>
20 2 0
Hello everyone. I present to you my latest creation, which I'm really proud of honestly. I have started resin printing this month using the Photon Mono X2 by Anycubic. I think it's...More>
27 2 0
The Hype of the Flexible Hexagon Fidgets are over. But i Never Printed one, so i decide to give it a Chance. I choosed this Model from @Xeraj>
33 2 0
DescriptionInnovative 3D Printed Desk Clip for HeadsetIntroducing a cutting-edge 3D printed desk clip, meticulously designed to provide a convenient and stylish solution for hanging your headset. This innovative clip is engineered to attach seamlessly to the edge of your desk, of...More>
19 1 0
Simple Modern Flexi Cat The latest iteration of the "FlexiCat" from 3D printing introduces an innovative two-color style that elevates this beloved design to new heights of creativ...More>
19 0 0
Today i decided to design the following twisted pattern bowl. The bowl can be used for storage or as a plant pot. It is printed in Silk PLA for a transition effect (watch the video...More>
17 0 0
Hello everyone. In the past, I tried eating tofu but I never liked it a lot until I discovered that to properly prepare it, you have to extract the water from it before marinating....More>
28 1 0
Hammer of God ThorFor the actually Contest i designed the Hammer of Thor the God of Thunder!!/15340.html Its easy to pri...More>
29 2 0
Hello everyone! This is my entry for the #Daily Model Reward# for the 26th of June. I have designed this catch-all hand tray for my bathroom to use as a soap holder but this model ...More>
27 1 0


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