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Hello Creators,We're excited to announce our new rules for the June 3D Print Challenge (June 1-30)! Every day, you have the chance to win a $50 gift card by showcasing your 3D printing skills. Here’s how you can participate:🌟 Win Big Daily!Daily Prizes: Each day, 1-5 excepti...More>
2.2k 15 95
Hello !My print, at 175% scale, in PLA, of "Voronoi Saber-Toothed Cat" by "Frikarte3D". As I find it pretty and as I had already printed "Voronoi Mammoth" at 175% scale (see My pr...More>
42 2 1
This is an universal phone holder inspired by one I had some time ago. It is a very simple design that allows you to use different types of mobile phones and tablets both vertical...More>
32 2 1
My print today is → Storm Trooper Piggy Bank from MakerVerse DesignsI printed a money box today because we always have a lot of small change in our wallets and have always collec...More>
45 3 0
Hello everyone. I was searching for a cool model to print when I found this 100% 3D printed phone arm by FunkyArt. When recording YouTube videos, I usually utilize my professional ...More>
66 4 2
I have reported someone posting my models as their own, infringing on my intellectual property and nothing has happenedThis is not acceptable and I want to understand what you can do to not only correct this but to prevent it?
78 1 7
I love those boxes .. printed so many in a lot of colors :)
28 3 0
Hello !My print, in PLA, of the easter egg version of "Pokeball Easteregg" by "V1nve". I chose to print this model, because I liked it, and especially because it was in several pa...More>
47 2 3
Today I have decided to share with you the Death Star lamp that I have 3D printed. We're renovating our house so my dad has moved his office into another room. Since he needed a la...More>
35 3 0
I printed all the parts for the phone tripod using a 3D printer. The parts were made from orange PLA, and the sleeves for the legs were printed from white TPU. I encountered some m...More>
27 1 3
Easy and fast printing (1h30 at 250 mm/s), it's a good start to coloring the city.The print profil file was added, I simply changed the color on the 6th layer for the model in the ...More>
30 3 0


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