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MakerOnline Story Reward
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Hello 3D Printing Enthusiasts!🎨 Are you passionate about 3D printing? Do you have a unique printing journey to share? Join our community challenge and inspire others with your creativity!Activity Period: July 8th to July 31st✨ How to Participate:1.Tell Your Story: Create a d...More>
160 3 6
Growing up, I was always fascinated by how things worked. I loved taking apart gadgets and trying to understand their inner mechanisms. One day, while browsing the internet, I stumbled upon a video about 3D printing. The idea of creating something from nothing but a digital desig...More>
10 0 0
My passion for the world of 3D printing/design was passed on to me by my brother, it fascinated me to see him carry out projects to which the only limitation seemed to be our imagi...More>
215 3 0
Long, long time ago (about 4 years) in a galaxy far, far away (before Bambu Lab came, shook up the industry and turned virtually all other printers into dinosaurs) the choice what ...More>
36 1 0
Hi, i'm Alex (teenager)Originally it was just my Dad into 3D printing but gradually the whole family has gotten involved, Dad is concentrating on learning 3D modelling, Mum makes a...More>
67 3 1
I borrowed the new Kobra 3 Combo from a good friend because there were delivery issues with my model, and I finally wanted to test it out!I decided to print a katana, as I have no ...More>
61 1 1
Hello everyone! My name is Robert and I'd like to tell you how I got started with 3D printing and how it's improving my life.First of all, a brief profile. I was born in 1969, have...More>
95 5 3


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