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Hey creators,The 2024 Paris Olympics are just around the corner, and we've been thinking about what our community can do for the Paris Olympics. When we saw the purple track laid o...More>
968 18 17
just uploaded my design butt cant print it because my new cobra 3 combo is already broken (i did not break it it was already broken) if you print it please send a photo ;)#PANTONEInterstellarVioletOlympicChallenge
131 1 3
I was surprised to see that the Olympic torch had not been modeled yet, so I decided to make one for the challenge. I was able to find some pretty good pictures of the torch to use...More>
61 4 1
Despite the fact that I am not the greatest athlete, I inevitably watch every broadcast of the Olympic games. 🙌 When I saw the competition for the Olympic design chalenge I had ...More>
48 2 2
To celebrate the 2024 Paris Olympics i've made a couple of keyrings that use the logo.Both print in two colours with raised detailing.Hope people enjoy these, support the great ath...More>
37 1 0
In the spirit of the Olympics, here is an archery target decoration! All of the pieces snap together tightly, without any glue. It has a stand if you want it to stand upright by it...More>
38 1 0
I created this small model of Stade De France stadium, the main stadium for the Summer Olympics 2024 in Paris, France. It can fit in your hand. I designed this because it is the mo...More>
93 4 4
As part of the event, a project was initiated to depict the Eiffel Tower in the form of a shadow box. This representation is complemented by mascots and the logo of the 2024 Olympi...More>
90 8 4
I haven't received my Pantone Purple filament yet, so this will have to do. Enjoy and good luck to the Olympic Athletes!
28 1 0
I designed this desk organizer with intersected tubes, like the olympic rings. Handy to sort pen colors.
138 2 2


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