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Hello world! Today I wanted to try out the brand new AnyLab feature: AI Modeling! My first prompt was "Cartoonified Labrador Retriever wearing Sunglasses"Next I wanted to try somet...More>
56 5 5
It surprises me that some people clean out their resin vat after every print, now there is nothing wrong with this, but it uses up alot of time and inevitably you lose some resin while doing so.In reality this is my post print cleanup print process, it probably differs for each p...More>
31 1 1
When you use the vat cleaning function its often difficult to get a spatula edge under the created cured resin layer without the risk of damage to the release film.One tip i've always used is to hold down a spare flat bottomed piece of support material (since you end up with alot...More>
35 2 3
Easily put together your own name or lettering and use other Lego bricks with your children to play and learn the alphabet.
77 3 0
I had to be fitted with a CPAP machine because of a disease called sleep apnea.This machine is cumbersome with the mask hose, and in the morning I didn't know where to put my mask.i made a support for the mask and its tubing.>
363 1 1
Hey, check out this killer 3D-printed phone stand I printed – perfect for binge-watching and YouTube. It holds phones and tablets, so you can chill with a big screen hassle-free....More>
4.3k 2 0
No hooks, no tidy house."If you're struggling to keep your room organized, these little hooks might be a lifesaver.P1For the wall, I chose this foldable hook. It can be folded back...More>
3.4k 0 1
Here are the most frequently used 3D prints in my kitchen.1. Dubbed the "Let Eggs Roll" basket2. A cozy home for spoons3. Bag clip, convenient for both storage and pouring
3.4k 0 0
Did someone mention a tissue box? My son printed one three weeks ago, and when our family party kicked off, this adorable creation grabbed almost everyone's attention.They all aske...More>
3.4k 2 0
Embark on an odyssey into your bathroom universe! 🚀✨ We're thrilled to unveil our latest collection of uniquely designed bathroom storage shelves – each a distinctive work o...More>
3.5k 4 0
Who doesn't want a tidy desk? Here is my secret! Not only a shelter for my pen s but also my USB sticks, micro SD, SD, and so on.BTW, the assembly is so easy that only need to make...More>
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