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Unique 3DModel Reward
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🌟 Win $100 Gift Cards: Showcase Your Unique 3D Models! 🌟Hey Creators!We're thrilled to announce our Unique 3D Model Rewards challenge! It's time to unleash your creativity and showcase your amazing 3D printing skills. From June 7th to June 30th, you have the chance to win a...More>
740 7 13
Precision Ruler Set for MathematicsThis comprehensive ruler set is an essential tool for students, teachers, engineers, and anyone involved in mathematical, technical, or architectural work. Designed for precision and accuracy, each piece in the set is crafted to meet the highest...More>
66 2 0
Hello everyone. If you're passionate about 3D printing like me you surely use a lot of filament with your machines. It's always a pity when you finish a spool and you're left with ...More>
37 2 0
I spent a lot time playing Super Mario 3 back on the NES. I still remember seeing the movie The Wizard and being amazed when we finally got to see the game, I don't think that movi...More>
59 3 5
Model Details:Components: The model is divided into multiple parts for ease of printing and assembly. Each piece is designed to fit together seamlessly, ensuring a sturdy and visua...More>
26 1 0
I do a lot of video game related models and it was about time that Galaga got created. One of the most popular sci-fi themed arcade games, this one proved to be a bit of headache. ...More>
42 2 0
My niece recently starting addition and she was finding the constant repetition very boring. With this in mind I designed a board game to make it more fun for children to learn add...More>
47 3 0
I would like to share a new model I uploaded to Makeronline. It is a water phaser. I guest it could be used in an alien world to put out small fires or just for good old fun when...More>
35 0 0
Magic the Gathering - 12-Sided Keyword Counters A 12-sided keyword counter for the game "Magic: The Gathering" could have the following characteristics: Material and Design: The di...More>
29 2 0
It's a model of Kirby, flying on his Warp Star! The model was made with the AnyLab AI, and then edited by me in Blender, adding the eyes, mouth, and stand. It requires no supports....More>
56 1 1
Mi primer diseño modelado en blender y mi primer diseño impreso en color con la kobra 3 pro ace.
33 1 1


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