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Weekly Print Reward
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Hello Creators,The July 3D Printing Challenge (July 1st to 31st) is here! You have a chance to win more than 1000 points every week by showcasing your 3D printing skills.Here's how you can participate:🌟 Win Big Prizes!Weekly Prizes: 1-10 print model shares per week will each r...More>
632 12 14
My print today is the model street board game - TicTacToe - from 9percentI would like to tell you why I chose this wonderful model.Firstly, I would like to focus on the model itsel...More>
12 1 1
englishInstructions for 3D Printing a Tool for the Maintenance and Cleaning of the Carbon Axles and Z-Lead Screws of the Bambulab X/P SeriesThese instructions describe the steps fo...More>
8 1 1
While the ACE pro has drying capability i decided to print the Silica Gel box solution i found on makeronline. The boxes print easily without support and fit snuggly together, alt...More>
17 1 0
Morning every one!After the first Robot I made for my son, it seems that he needed a second robot to do these missions. I found this robot that is published directly by Makeronlin...More>
17 2 0
Hello !Some prints, 1 mm height, no infill, no top layer, 1 filament change, in PLA, of "Wallart Lion" by "Elcaspien". When printing this model with mid-height color change, for o...More>
24 0 0
大家好!今天给大家介绍一款由设计师-Darren 3d print-设计的蜘蛛侠旋转手机支架,这个模型设计十分精巧,可动性,可玩性极高!hello ever...More>
42 5 3
A Simple towel holder for kitchen kr bathroom
20 1 1
Not my strength. Painting is not one of my talents. It's definitely time for them to release the hub for printing with 8 colors. That was the first print where I had problems with...More>
39 1 0
Hello,I printed this Anycubic LED Lamp Kit designed by Makeronline. I printed it because it looks great, and I wanted to give it to my grandma, who lives overseas. I was planning t...More>
34 4 3
Hey Community :) I ordered the lightsaber set from Anycubic. I decided to print a blue lightsaber.I printed all the necessary parts, which was very easy with the provided print pro...More>
46 1 3


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