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🛠️ Tipss for Perfecting Your 3D Prints – Smooth, Seamless, and Stunning!
#3D Printing Fun#

For FDM Models:

1. Sandpaper is the MVP:

I usually kick off with some coarse sandpaper and then work my way up to finer grits. Like, start with 180, then move to 400, and finish off with 1000. It smooths out those layers and gets rid of any noticeable lines.

2. Fine-tuning the Details:

When it comes to the nitty-gritty, I break out smaller tools – like files or tiny sanding wheels – especially for those hard-to-reach spots.

3. Manual and Power Tools:

For broader areas, I bring in a rotary polishing tool or sometimes an electric sander for some heavy lifting.

4. Color-Matching Putty:

If there are any minor imperfections after sanding, I use color-matching putty to patch things up, then top it off with an appropriate surface finish.

For Resin Prints:

1. Trimming and Tidying Up:

First, snip off the supports, then delicately touch up the surface with a small file or sandpaper. Gotta be careful not to mess with the details.

2. Dealing with Details:

For tiny supports or tricky spots, I bust out some mini hand tools – like small tweezers or a sharp little blade.

3. UV Light Therapy:

If there are clear or semi-transparent parts, I might consider a little extra UV light treatment to make sure the resin cures completely.

4. Sanding and Polishing:

Using different grades of sandpaper for a light sanding, followed by a polish with a polishing compound or wax for that final gleam. Makes the surface super smooth.

In terms of tools, aside from sandpaper, files, and small hand tools, my go-to gadgets are the rotary polishing tool and a UV light.

But hey, take it easy, don't rush it – step by step gets you the best results!

2024-03-16 09:42
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