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🌟 Win $100 Gift Cards: Showcase Your Unique 3D Models! 🌟
#Unique 3DModel Rewards#

🌟 Win $100 Gift Cards: Showcase Your Unique 3D Models! 🌟

Hey Creators!

We're thrilled to announce our Unique 3D Model Rewards challenge! It's time to unleash your creativity and showcase your amazing 3D printing skills. From June 7th to June 30th, you have the chance to win a $100 gift card every week by submitting your unique 3D models!

🎨 Creative Themes for Your Projects:

Game Characters: Create your own DIY game character models.

Sci-Fi Worlds: Design futuristic sci-fi models like alien creatures, spaceships, or future cities.

Eco Innovations: Develop eco-friendly 3D models, including items made from recyclable materials or energy-saving devices.

Educational Tools: Craft educational tools, anatomical models, or educational games.

🏆 How to Participate:

1.Upload your model on Makeronline (including models, 2-3 physical print images, photos, detailed descriptive text, etc.). If you upload print configuration files, your chances of winning increase.

2.Create a forum post with the hashtag #Unique3DModelRewards. Include photos or videos of your model, a detailed description of your creation, and the link to your uploaded model.

📜 Rules & Judging Criteria:

Submission Requirements:

1.Original 3D models: Must provide design files and visual proof (photos or videos).

2.Copyright: Entries must be original and not infringe on others' rights.

3.Retention: Award-winning entries cannot be deleted from the platform for one year. If deleted, the platform reserves the right to restore the entry.

Judging Criteria:

Creativity: How unique and innovative is your model?

Technical Skill: The complexity and technical execution of your design.

Practicality: The real-world application of your model.

Aesthetics: The visual appeal of your design.

Theme Relevance: How well your model fits the chosen theme.

🏆 Rewards & Recognition:

Weekly Prizes: Every week, we will select 1-5 participants with outstanding creations to win a $100 gift card.

Announcements: Winners will be announced every Monday following our review.

Prize Distribution: Winners will receive their gift card via direct message on Makeronline within a week of the announcement.

🚀 Get Started Now!

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to showcase your talent, gain recognition, and win amazing prizes! We can't wait to see your incredible 3D masterpieces.

Upload your models, share them with our community, and let's get creating! Ready, set, CREATE!

2024-06-07 18:44
xiaoxi167 5 xiaoxi3 zhuanfa
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All Comments(3)
2024-06-11 19:19
reply 0
Do the models have to follow the themes you listed, or can they be something else? Thanks!
2024-06-08 22:32
reply 1

Great question! For this challenge, we do ask that your model entries follow one of the official themes we've listed. This helps ensure a level playing field and aligns with the specific criteria our judges will be using. We can't wait to see your creative takes on these themes! Thanks for understanding and happy creating!

2024-06-11 09:30
reply 1


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