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地平线机甲章鱼(Horizon Mech Octopus)
#Daily Print Reward#

大家好!今天给大家介绍的是一款地平线机甲章鱼,它是来自设计师Windrose的巧妙设计。(Hello everyone! Today we are introducing a Horizon mecha octopus, which is a clever design by designer Windrose.)

或许大家也发现了,这款机甲原设计师只上传了STL文件,如果要实现多色展示机甲,就必须使用多色打印系统进行打印,这样对没有多色打印机的朋友来说,就没有办法实现了。根据这个需求我对这个机甲做了些修改,将机甲主体、腿、脚改成了分件,并在ANYCUBIC切片软件中实现单盘单色打印,最后打印后总装成型。(Perhaps you have also noticed that the original designer of this mecha only uploaded STL files. If you want to achieve multi-color display of the mecha, you must use a multi-color printing system for printing. This is impossible for friends who do not have a multi-color printer. Based on this requirement, I made some modifications to this mecha to achieve single disc monochrome printing, and finally assembled it into shape.)

不得不说,这个六脚机甲章鱼的可玩性,多关节活动,可以摆出你认为酷炫造型。下面跟随我的图片,了解以下分盘、组装的过程,希望你会喜欢这款机甲!配置文件我会上传到设计师Windrose的模型主页。(It has to be said that this hexapod mech octopus has playability, multi joint mobility, and can create what you think is a cool look. Follow my pictures below to learn about the process of disassembly and assembly. I hope you will like this mecha! I will upload the configuration file to the model homepage of designer Windrose.)





Articulated Alien Hexapod Mech


2024-06-08 09:55
xiaoxi58 4 xiaoxi0 zhuanfa
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