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工程车奇趣蛋(Engineering Vehicle Qiqu Egg)
#Daily Print Reward#

今天给大家介绍一个有趣的玩具,它就是由设计师agepbiz设计的工程车奇趣蛋。(Today I will introduce an interesting toy to you, which is the engineering car Qiqu Egg designed by designer gepbiz.)

本贴子英文部分为机器翻译,如有错误敬请谅解!(The English part of this post is machine translation. Please understand if there are any errors!)


现在我们来看看,工程车是怎样进入蛋库的呢!(Now let's take a look at how construction vehicles enter the egg vault!)


然后再合上蛋库,蛋库的卡扣限位,即可形成完美的工程车奇趣蛋,蛋的大小正好适合小朋友的小手玩耍(Then close the egg storage, and the buckle limit of the egg storage can form the perfect engineering car Qiqu Egg. The size of the egg is just suitable for children's small hands to play with)


说完了蛋,再来说一下工程车,设计师很细心,车虽然小巧,但细节依然丰富,可玩性很高!赞!(Having finished speaking, let's talk about the engineering car again. The designer is very careful. Although the car is small, the details are still rich and the playability is very high! like)


铲车料斗可以自由升降,小朋友带到沙滩,玩的快乐!(The forklift hopper can be freely raised and lowered, so children can take it to the beach and have fun!)


不光料斗能动,工程车还能左右转向!(Not only can the hopper move, but the construction vehicle can also turn left and right!)


就这些巧妙设计了吗?当然不是?设计师还将车轮也做转轴设计,可以在平面上滑动,释放小朋友驾驶乐趣!来看看它的底盘,让你对这个模型有更深的了解!(Are these clever designs enough? Of course not? The designer also designed the wheels to rotate, allowing them to slide on a flat surface and unleash the fun of driving for children! Take a look at its chassis to give you a deeper understanding of this model!)


通过前面的介绍,朋友们应该对这款工程车奇趣蛋有了更深的了解吧,我已上传了配置文件,有兴趣的朋友可以到设计师agepbiz的主页下载!(Through the previous introduction, friends should have a deeper understanding of this engineering car Qiqu Egg. I have uploaded the configuration file, and interested friends can download it from the designer's homepage on agepbiz!)

Surprise Egg #3 V2 - Tiny Wheel Loader


2024-06-06 11:25
xiaoxi57 2 xiaoxi1 zhuanfa
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2024-06-07 11:28
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