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1x1 children's learning game board made by LucyPrint
#Unique 3DModel Reward#

I have something exceptional for you! My brand-new model, the ‘1×1 for schoolchildren’. It's a fun way to learn and have fun!


I have taken these two points into account:

Educational Tools: Craft educational tools, anatomical models, or educational games. → educational game

Eco Innovations: Develop eco-friendly 3D models, including items made from recyclable materials or energy-saving devices. → Recycling filament from the recycling factory. You only get recycled filament, can send in your filament remnants (only after placing an order), and get points. These points can in turn be used as a discount when placing an order.

I wanted to make it a bit more colourful, which is why I couldn't print all the colours with the recycled filament. Here are the filament images and the parts that were printed with the recycled filament.



20240610_145742.jpgBlack is also made from recycled filament.


It should be said that you can also send plastic filament rolls, for which you also get points. Of course, I ordered the filament as a refill so that I could use my existing Bambu Lab rolls again. I will continue to order from this supplier in the future, not only because the filament is recycled (good for the environment), but also because the colours are something special and beautiful.

I used the following filament for the remaining colour from Jayo:



Unfortunately, I have reached the limit of MakerOnline, I could only upload 100 stl, but I have 101. I have decided not to offer the white cube field as a stl. Maybe then Anycubic can do something, so I can upload these. However, I have set up and uploaded all 3mf files with Anycubic Slicer (version 1.4.1).

Change: I have now summarised the cubes 1 × 1, 2 × 1 etc., always the complete row as one STL. Advantage fewer stl files, only 11 instead of 101.

The game can be played alone or with friends, parents, relatives, etc. There are no special rules, just the requirement to solve one task at a time. A timer can be used for this, with a time limit of a few seconds. If you get it right, you can solve another task. The maths problems can be, for example, 5 × 4 or the result 20. I would like to point out that for a maths problem with a result of 5 × 4, the specified result value is the solution. If the result is high, the maths problem should be named. At the same time, there is the option of naming other maths problems with a result of 20 (5 × 4) as bonus points.


Thanks to this great event, you can create such a great game with simple tools in Fusion360. I will donate this to a local kindergarten.

1x1 childrens learning game board


Update:2024-06-24 10:14
xiaoxi124 4 xiaoxi3 zhuanfa
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Otherwise a bug to report. The fact that there is an apostrophe "'" in the title of the model makes the javascript generated for the action of clicking on the link of the associated model invalid here. (they forgot to encode the url's-learning-game-board/14644.html used in the javascript and therefore the aposthorophe of the title/in the url is taken here as a delimiter by the javascript interpreter and therefore the action does not work and makes an error... )
2024-06-11 00:41
reply 1
Error fixed, changed the title, thanks for the information
2024-06-11 01:06
reply 1
I must be a bad student. Because the only thing I plan to do with this kind of model is to make pixel art 😅
2024-06-11 00:29
reply 1


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