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A hand to a good designer

In fact I saw that ideaprints there is no longer in the contest and I read in the forum that a few models had not signed them as remixes but it is worth removing it from the challenge? I found very useful his models not those remixes but his that were more than 40 at most Levategli the points of the models that were remix, thanks to all anyway for your shares are very happy and I mold continuously

2024-05-30 20:34
xiaoxi123 1 xiaoxi5 zhuanfa
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no thank you so much you didn’t have to write this, I know what you mean I also told makeronline just the same thing to eliminate the points of the models as a penalty that by mistake I did not mark as remix, but for those few models all the others about 40 I made them and I also worked a lot, when my little brother saw the ranking that I will 4 then. was too happy, I had promised to buy him the resin printer so I didn’t want the money for example paypal but use them on their site to do a work of good.... but it doesn’t do anything I don’t think they want to introduce me again for those few models😔
2024-05-30 22:23
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Hi. It's delicate. If MakerOnline does what you ask, it amounts to encouraging bad behavior when it comes to respecting the licenses of other users' creations...
2024-05-30 22:17
reply 0
no problem, thank you very much friend❤️ I hope they read these messages with some heart that I was wrong to publish but only those very few models
2024-05-30 23:04
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Sorry to hear about the false hope given to your little brother. Maybe try to participate in some "Contests". With a little luck.
2024-05-30 22:45
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