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Airless Ping Pong Ball BY Hanti_3d
#Daily Print Reward#

Hello everyone,

Today I printed this Airless Ping Pong Ball by Hanti-3d. I was curious about how it performs.

今天我打印了Hanti-3d的Airless Ping Png Ball(无气乒乓球),单纯好奇它好不好用。



The model was printed using my Kobra Plus. It took me a lot of time to manually draw custom support. The 3MF file uploaded is also not a generic one.

模型使用Kobra Plus打印。切片软件里手动画支撑老费劲了,而且原3MF文件不是通用的3MF文件。

Screenshot 2024-06-08 213635.jpg


The result looks great, and I was surprised by how high it bounces. Its weight is actually the same as a real ping-pong ball!


Screenshot 2024-06-08 212857.jpg

I will upload my print profile onto the model's webpage asap once the Makeronline team fixes their server. It's again not working. The print profile is uploaded now.


Airless Ping Pong Ball


Update:2024-06-11 12:21
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