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Charlie Brown and Snoopy from reddadsteve (2024.05.12)
#Daily Print Reward#

My print today is → Charlie Brown and Snoopy from reddadsteve


Slicer : Anycubic Slicer v1.4.2 (Windows 11)

Filament: Jayo

Settings: -> no Support

Screenshot 2024-06-12 100554.jpgScreenshot 2024-06-12 100507.jpgScreenshot 2024-06-12 100632.jpg+





I made two of Snoopy for myself and 7 for my dog school.

20240612_091934.jpgWhatsApp Bild 2024-06-08 um 12.36.03_4e6b9069.jpgWhatsApp Bild 2024-06-09 um 14.01.52_fab9593d.jpg

had to edit the last picture a bit, there was a part that was not suitable for minors.

Thanks to for this model reddadsteve

🏆 Daily 3D Print Reward New Rules (6.1-6.30): Win a $50 Gift Card Every Day! 🚀 #Daily Print Reward#

And finally, I destroyed my table, I was lazy enough to do it in the 3D room yesterday, so I did it in the living room. A mixture of crafting, beer and Netflix results in something like this

20240612_071828.jpgimage.jpg<----- my Wife

Conclusion: wife is angry, new table ordered, these are not exactly cheap. End of story, never do these three aspects (beer, Netflix and handicrafts) together again.

Charlie Brown




Update:2024-06-12 16:29
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