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#Daily Print Reward# - Cat Model
#Daily Print Reward#

Today i decided to print this lovely little cat model by Tomodesigns.

The print quality is good, the join is perfect without having to adjust parameters as all.


The model comprises of two pieces that interlock together to form a cat "russian doll".

Inside you can fit a surprise such as sweets, nuts, etc, for a child.


The model prints really well on my Anycubic Kobra 2, i used Elegoo Red PLA filament for this particular print.

Easter Cat


2024-06-03 22:35
xiaoxi53 1 xiaoxi1 zhuanfa
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Hi ! Well done ! Don't forget to put the .3mf Anycubic Slicer project on the model page to have a valid entry.
2024-06-03 23:35
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