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How Fast Can you get your Benchy to Print?
#3D Printing Fun#

We all know it's possible to print a Benchy on the Kobra 2 Pro in 14m 56s exactly, but that's using Anycubic's top secret speed profile. Here a place you can post your record Benchy speed using your own profile. If you have a faster printer feel free to share, but I hope to see mostly Kobra 2 Pro settings in the comments. Using what information we do have of Anycubic profile, the layer height has a limit of 0.27mm, the max mm/s is 300, and the max acceleration is 20,000mm/s. Aside from these parameters, explore your speed settings, and post them here along with the time, slicer, and printer. For reference, my current record according to Anycubic's slicer is 17 minutes. Once I print it I will tell the actual time and show a quality comparison.

2024-03-29 01:25
xiaoxi71 2 xiaoxi2 zhuanfa
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Thank you, 3Dplayer! A quick update, I have actually gotten moderate prints around 16 minutes, and even a few closer to 15, but there is currently an issue with the front hull's overhang I'm trying to deal with. I think a print comparable to Anycubic's is imminent, though. I do, however, need to figure out what to do with all these Benchies... 🤔
2024-04-02 02:09
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Your speed is impressive. I once aimed for over 20 minutes, but I've forgotten the exact time.
2024-04-01 14:03
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