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Kobra 3 Model 模型
#Unique 3DModel Reward#

Hello everyone,

I spent my last week working on this Kobra 3 model. I tried my best to fit as many details as I could into this little model that fits on your hand, while not sacrificing the joy of assembling it.

上周我设计了这个Kobra 3模型。在不牺牲组装舒适度的情况下,我在这个一巴掌大的体积下塞入尽可能多的细节。




I think this fits well into the Educational Tools category. People can use it to learn about the anatomy of 3D printers and how they function. Maybe kids will be attracted by it and decide to join the hobby, like how I decided to pursue engineering because I really liked ship and plane models in my lab teacher's office when I was in elementary school.


It also belongs to the Eco Innovations category because most of the black pieces were printed using recycled material, more specifically, Eco PLA from Overture.

它也能算一种环保创新吧。大部分黑色零件都是用回收后的耗材打印,准确点说是Overture的Eco PLA,可惜他们不进军国内市场。

The model has taken me over 4 days to research, design, print, and test.


I believe this model combines creativity (the second Kobra 3 model available on Makeronline, please also check out Umplix's version), technical skills (complexity of the design and careful thinking of how different parts can be divided to provide good coloring, see the figure below), practicality (it is useful in real-world for teaching beginners the anatomy of 3D printers and how they function), aesthetics (you don't think Kobra 3 is handsome/pretty?), and theme relevance (explained earlier, the model's webpage already has a print profile and an assembly guide).

我觉得这个模型涵盖了创新(全站第二个Kobra 3模型,看第一个请移步至Umplix的版本),技术(项目的复杂度,模型精准切割以做到优秀的分色,请看下图),可行性(可以用来教小白3D打印机原理和工作方式),美学(难不成你觉得Kobra 3不帅吗?),和主题相关性(已解释,原链接包含打印配置以及组装说明)。

Screenshot 2024-06-10 213646.jpg

Kobra 3 Model 模型 (with profile 包含打印配置)

电容电阻分不清 Anxiety

2024-06-12 14:33
xiaoxi62 6 xiaoxi0 zhuanfa
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