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Manual For Mini Kobra 3 (V1.0) PART 1

Hello there, fellow 3D printer hobbyists!

If you're reading this, you may have seen my Mini Kobra 3 Model. It is less than half the scale of the real printer at smallest, and can be printed in as many colors as you want, whether you have a mono- or multi-color printer. It has 60+ pieces, which will be updated regularly or as needed. It also features moving parts, such as turnable Z-screws and a sliding bed. It is held together mostly by 3d printable screws, with all need for glue expected to be removed in a future update.

IMG_8962 Small.jpg

If you would like to figure out how to put this out on your own, here's the link: Mini Kobra 3

Otherwise, allow me to walk you through it so the process can be smooth, and you can focus on all the different colors you'll make it!


1.Make sure anything printed in filament has a XY Compensation/Horizontal Expansion Value of -0.2 +- 0.1. I recommend that all screws be printed in resin, escpecially 'Kobra 3 Top Screw 4x'(and its smaller variant).

2.Make sure you have glue (I recommend hot glue, because in the event a part needs to be replaced[such as for and updated model or a tolerance issue] you can break it off), and a wrench and sandpaper will come in handy.

Untitled design.jpg

Step 1.: Print the 'Kobra 3 Body' and the 'Bed Rail' files. Glue them together, as shown in the image below:

Step 1.jpg

Step 2.: Print the 'Kobra 3 Y Bracket' and the 'Kobra 3 Screen Screw 3x'. (You'll only use one of these screws, but they might as well all be printed at the same time.) Place the bracket on the back side of the Bed Rail, then screw the screw into the hole as shown below:

Step 2.jpg

Step 3.: Print 'Kobra 3 Y Motor Gear', 'Kobra 3 Y Motor', and 'Y Motor Balance'. (PAUSE! PRINT Y MOTOR GEAR IN TPU FILAMENT! ONLY THEN WILL IT HAVE THE FLEXIBILITY TO SLIDE INTO THE MOTOR!) Glue the Y Motor to the Balance. Next, push the Motor Gear thorugh the hole in the Y Bracket. Lastly, Push the side of the Motor Gear opposite the gear of itself into the Y Motor. It should be able to be pushed in, but not taken out without some force. Reference to the images below:

Step 3.jpgStep 37:9.jpgStep 31:2.jpg

Step 4: Print the 'Kobra 3 Y Tension'. Printing this in ABS or ABS-Like resin (+,V2,Pro 2, etc.) will let it stretch just over front of the Bed Rail. This will give it a weak grip, which you can strengthen with glue, by editing it yourself, or by waiting for my update of this model. Refer to the image below:

Step 4.jpg

Step 5.: Print the 'Kobra 3 Screen', and grab the two 'Kobra 3 Screen Screws' you printed earlier. Place the Screen against the Body, (align it with the screw holes on the right side) and screw the Screen Screws into the holes. Refer to the image below:

Step 5.jpg

Now you should see it starting to come together. In PART 2, you'll put together the print bed, attach the power supply, and assemble the Z axis. If you like this model please click the thumbs up button, here and on the model page, I've put a lot of work into this, and much more needs to be done, so support will be very much apperciated. Keep your eyes peeled for PART 2!

2024-05-16 22:45
xiaoxi146 3 xiaoxi0 zhuanfa
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