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More Room for Creativity: ANYCUBIC's Latest Innovations Await!

✨More Room for Creativity.

There's always space for one more printer in your home, more scenarios to explore in your 3D printing projects, and more support for your imagination.

😎ANYCUBIC boldly presents the Kobra 3 Combo and Photon Mono M7 Pro, with even more surprises to come. Join us in fostering a more open and inclusive world.

🎉Ready to level up your creativity?

What are your thoughts on these new products? How would you utilize them to expand your creative horizons? Share your ideas, and let's explore together! 🌟 Join the conversation and unleash your imagination with ANYCUBIC's latest innovations!

2024-04-09 10:00
xiaoxi3.7k 14 xiaoxi12 zhuanfa
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The Kobra 3 build plate is too small for me right now, I hope they come out with a Kobra 3 MAX with ACE Pro..! I see they are sticking with a bed slinger instead of a core-xy. I don't care, I just want care-free clean dependable prints.
I have a Kobra, Kobra MAX, Kobra 2, Kobra 2 MAX, Photon, and Photon MAX.
I print usable prints and would love multi-material (not just multi-color, but multi-material like PLA+TPU)
2024-04-22 07:31
reply 0
Please let this be compatible with the kobra 2 max, it only came out a few months ago.
2024-04-17 11:08
reply 2
I am guessing I just wasted money on the Kobra 2 since this looks like it will only work with the 3. PLEASE make it backwards compatible! Maybe they will let us trade in our Kobra 2's towards the 3 :) LOL
2024-04-12 17:37
reply 2
Interesting to see the Kobra hopefully a bigger build plate coupled with multicolour option is a big thumbs up from me as I want to be able to print helmets but larger sized ones to fit my bonce
2024-04-10 23:33
reply 0
If they don't make it backwards compatible I'm going to be really upset I just bought two kobra 2's one regular kobra 2 and a kobra 2 max and spent nearly a grand just a few months ago, if It's not backwards compatible I'm going to be really upset I just spent this much, and they drop a new system the max is not even that old so they knew about the multicolor while the max was being released and could easily make it backwards compatible and sell it to people that don't even have kobras but direct drive making even more money for it to work with other systems as well..
2024-04-10 22:51
reply 2
From Twitter today

Looks like the Multi-feeder is called

Anycubic Ace Pro

That or it's a filament drying box... Or both. Idk
2024-04-10 22:43
reply 0
My K2M already uses all my available space.
Hoping that this #ColorfulRevolution is compatible with my Kobra 2 Max
2024-04-10 22:17
reply 1
But why are you skipping to M6 and going straight to M7?
2024-04-10 01:04
reply 0
Really curious to have more information
2024-04-09 22:31
reply 0
Really curious to have more information
2024-04-09 22:31
reply 0


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