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My First Katana Print
#MakerOnline Story Reward#

I borrowed the new Kobra 3 Combo from a good friend because there were delivery issues with my model, and I finally wanted to test it out!

I decided to print a katana, as I have no prior experience with designing foldable swords in 3D.

I was very surprised by the printing process. The printer was super easy to configure and set up. On the "loudest" setting with 100% ventilation, the noise level was completely acceptable. I was particularly amazed by the filament drying during the print.

Its a simple Print in Place Design so i dont take so many Photos of it.

Attached are 2-3 impressions from the print.

WhatsApp Bild 2024-07-10 um 01.08.24_12ee3b37.jpgWhatsApp Bild 2024-07-10 um 01.08.33_0dcf29aa.jpg

At least i just can say Awesome Model & Awesome Printer!!

Katana V1.0 print in place

Tommy Gun

2024-07-10 07:13
xiaoxi61 1 xiaoxi1 zhuanfa
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i added 2 Videos but cant see them here... :/ i dont know why.
2024-07-11 01:03
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