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My finished "Anycubic LED Lamp Kit" with the "LED Lamp Creative Kit"
#Anycubic Creative Kit#

Hello !

IMG_20240524_130935.jpg IMG_20240524_130951.jpg IMG_20240524_130956.jpg IMG_20240524_131005.jpg

Thanks to the MakerOnline and Anycubic team.

I recently received some "Anycubic LED Lamp Creative Kit".

Obtained at a reduced price, thanks to a voucher of 20 USD, voucher exchanged for points obtained on MakerOnline.

It took ~10 days for the kit to transit from China to France from the date of order.

IMG_20240524_125650.jpgIMG_20240524_125749.jpg IMG_20240524_125846.jpg IMG_20240524_125852.jpg IMG_20240524_125913.jpg

The USB cable with "switch" (buttons controller) is approximately 145 cm long (USB plug excluded from the measurement).

It is easily installed in the printed of the associated lamp model.

IMG_20240524_130421.jpg IMG_20240524_130445.jpg IMG_20240524_130511.jpg IMG_20240524_130724.jpg IMG_20240524_130731.jpg IMG_20240524_130750.jpg IMG_20240524_130807.jpg IMG_20240524_130951.jpg

I haven't put the double-sided tape on yet. The fitting tolerance seems tight enough to hold the LED lamp.

As mentioned in the description of the kit there are different degrees of brightness adjustable with the control buttons as well as 3 color shades (a type of cold white, a type of warm white, and both together)

For more details and photos of the printing of the lamp model "Anycubic LED Lamp Kit" by "Makeronline" associated with this kit, see my topic.

Good continuation to all.

Anycubic LED Lamp Kit


2024-05-24 20:21
xiaoxi83 3 xiaoxi0 zhuanfa
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