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My print of "Snoopy" by "reddadsteve"
#Daily Print Reward#

Hello !

My print, in PLA, of "Snoopy" by "reddadsteve".


Slicer : Anycubic Slicer v1.4.1 (Win)

Printer : Anycubic Kobra 2 Pro (Firmware v3.1.2)

Filament profil : "Anycubic PLA @KOBRA2 PRO"

Print Settings profil : "NORMAL @KOBRA2 PRO 0.20mm" modified (Infill Density : 10%, Support : when necessary, Brim : when necessary)

Printed ".3mf" project files ( prepared under Anycubic Slicer v1.4.1 (Win) from the .stl files provided. )

2024-06-08 22_17_13-.jpg2024-06-08 22_19_14-.jpg2024-06-08 22_20_04-.jpg2024-06-08 22_23_41-.jpg2024-06-08 23_54_53-.jpg

All files/objects at 100% scale.

Filament used : PLA Red Velleman, PLA+ Noir ArianePlast, Silk PLA+ Dual Color Red Gold Anycubic, Slik PLA+ White Anycubic.

Print 1 : white parts - head + body ~ 46 minutes of print.


Print 2 : black parts - ears + eyes + nose ~ 11 minutes of print.


Print 2.part : eyes with brim ( because one eye was a failure during the previous printing) ~ 1 min


Print 3 : red part - collar ~ 2 minutes of print.


Print 4 : house parts - base + roof ~ 3 h 36 minutes of print.


(I shared the .3mf that I did not print where I only reoriented the base of the house in case of printing with a dual color filament because the version that I printed in dual color does not give the same color on the expected side because printed with a dual color filament)


After assembly and gluing of the elements


A big thanks to "reddadsteve" for this model.

Topic posted as an entry for the

🏆 Daily 3D Print Reward New Rules (6.1-6.30): Win a $50 Gift Card Every Day! 🚀

#Daily Print Reward#

Good luck to all participants and good continuation to all.



2024-06-11 23:22
xiaoxi63 1 xiaoxi6 zhuanfa
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no, I wanted to post that today too, if I do that now, we both get nothing?
2024-06-12 14:57
reply 0
Well done! I bought filaments with some gift cards I won and I also gave one to a friend. So I don't have yet (but I hope soon) enough to buy a Kobra 3 Combo with the gift cards I have left.
2024-06-13 02:12
reply 0
It's a good thing, I was able to order a Kobra 2 combo from the vouchers from this printing event alone. :)
2024-06-12 16:31
reply 1
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