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My print of "Star Tunnel Infinity Mirror" (Star Gate version) by "Meshhh3D" with the "Anycubic Star Tunnel Creative Kit"
#Anycubic Creative Kit#

Hello !

My print, in PLA, of the Star Gate front version of "Star Tunnel Infinity Mirror" by "Meshhh3D" completed with the "Anycubic Star Tunnel Creative Kit"

IMG_20240604_162009.jpg IMG_20240604_162143.jpg IMG_20240604_162255.jpg

( The same video but on my YouTube account )

Slicer : Anycubic Slicer v1.4.1 (Win)

Printer : Anycubic Kobra 2 Pro (Firmware v3.1.2)

Filament profil : "Anycubic PLA @KOBRA2 PRO" modified (flow 0.96%, 220°C)

Print Settings profil : "NORMAL @KOBRA2 PRO 0.20mm" modified (Infill Density : 10%, Support : when necessary, Brim : when necessary)

All files/objects at 100% scale.

( The three 3D models of the tunnel parts have "non-manifold edges" but the slicing results seemed consistent to me and therefore did not cause any problems. )

Filament used :

PLA Bleu Translucide ArianePlast (With the idea of ​​having transparency and therefore a "leak" of the light from the LED strip and thus giving the impression of a "vortex" at the rear of the gate)

PLA+ Silk gris ArianePlast

PLA Red Velleman

Print 1 : tunnel-back ~ 2 h 05 minutes of print. Filament used : ~ 26.46m

2024-06-01 20_39_09-.jpg IMG_20240601_225253.jpg

Print 2 : tunnel-mid ~ 5 h 16 minutes of print. Filament used : ~ 74.90m

2024-06-01 22_02_28-.jpg IMG_20240602_044238.jpg

Print 3 : tunnel-front (With filament changes to have the chevron diamonds in another color) ~ 2 h 26 minutes of print. Filament used : ~ 25.42m

2024-06-01 22_22_53-.jpg

(I put several filament change requests (M600) in the project during slicing but after checking the output .gcode file after slicing, the filament changes were not there (Anycubic Slicer v1.4.1) I have therefore added manually the M600 by editing the ".gcode" file with NotePad++ and checking the result with the preview under QidiSlicer.

2024-06-02 05_25_05-Z__MO_DP_06_0_Anycubic Creative Kit_MO_Star Tunnel Infinity Mirror_Star+Tunnel+I.jpg 2024-06-02 05_25_55-Z__MO_DP_06_0_Anycubic Creative Kit_MO_Star Tunnel Infinity Mirror_Star+Tunnel+I.jpg 2024-06-02 05_24_52-tunnel-front-0.2-2h21m-6-2 - QIDISlicer G-code Viewer-1.1.2.jpg



Print 4 : Handrails, Stairs, Stairs Supports ~ 2 h 13 minutes of print. Filament used : ~ 15.71m

2024-06-02 05_46_50-.jpg IMG_20240602_102842.jpg

IMG_20240604_152757.jpg IMG_20240604_152806.jpg IMG_20240604_152811.jpg IMG_20240604_152824.jpg IMG_20240604_152830.jpg

I needed to sand, rework, the rear imprint and find the right rotation of the mirror (not perfectly circular but slightly eleptical) to get the rear mirror to fit properly.

IMG_20240604_153014.jpg IMG_20240604_154007.jpg

To succeed in sticking the LED strip in such a way as to create a sort of spiral, you have to take your time and go carefully (possibly needing to try again several times. I succeeded on the second try)

IMG_20240604_154407.jpg IMG_20240604_154413.jpg IMG_20240604_154433.jpg IMG_20240604_154903.jpg

I made a small discreet mark on the front mirror to easily reposition it if I need to remove it later (it too is not perfectly circular but slightly eliptical and I needed to find the right rotation so that it fits correctly into its imprint without forcing and without having to sand the imprint)

IMG_20240604_155105.jpg IMG_20240604_155811.jpg IMG_20240604_155744.jpg

The interlocking tolerances between the printed elements are perfect, I didn't need to rework them or force them (just very slightly forced the first time and I don't think I need to apply glue because they don't seem to move except if we pull them).


The fact that the LED strip has RGB LEDs and a remote control is very pleasant and practical. We can have different colors and mode of transition from one color to another.


A big thanks to "Meshhh3D" for this model that is relatively easy to print, and to Anycubic for its Creative Kit that is relatively simple to install ans use.

Topic posted as an entry for the

🎁Win $50 Weekly in the Anycubic Creative Kit Showcase!

#Anycubic Creative Kit#

Good luck to all participants and good continuation to all.

Star Tunnel Infinity Mirror


2024-06-05 02:03
xiaoxi462 4 xiaoxi2 zhuanfa
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All Comments2
Epic print! Thank you. If you can leave some pictures on the comment of download page that would be nice.
2024-06-11 11:14
reply 1
Hi ! It's done. I put the first three and the link to this post. Good continuation.
2024-06-13 02:43
reply 0


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