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PANTONE Interstellar Violet Olympic Challenge Iphone 15 Phone Case

Paris 2024 Olympics Iphone15 Phone Case (made using AnyLab)

Includes Kobra 3 and ACE profiles for multi-color printing

20240602_130627104_iOS.jpg20240602_130632067_iOS.jpgScreenshot 2024-06-02 080136.jpg

PANTONE Interstellar Violet Olympic Challenge Iphone15 Phone Case


2024-06-02 21:22
xiaoxi51 4 xiaoxi3 zhuanfa
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Great design! Thank you for participating in our event! If you are using an Anycubic printer for printing, you may try using Anycubic Slicer. It has the capability to fix the top layer printing issues on the phone case ( the second photo). Currently, we have found that there are some top layer printing defects when using Orca or Bambu Studio slicers.
2024-06-03 11:11
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Will be nice to get an extra printer, the family (all four of us are into 3d printing, some more than others) are having to share a printer at the moment, the boy has already laid claim to the kobra 3, i suspect we'll end up with four printers in the household eventually.
2024-06-07 22:07
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Waiting (patiently) for my Kobra 3 and ACE Pro to arrive so unfortunately limited to my A1 mini at the moment to test prints on, but trying to produce a Kobra3/ACE Pro sliced file for all my current designs so they are ready for when people get their Kobra 3's. I'll retest all my prints with my kobra 3 when it arrives and tweak as necessary.
2024-06-07 22:06
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