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Remixed desk lamp for Anycubic creative kit
#Anycubic Creative Kit#

As written in the title, this impression is a remix of the desk/bedside lamp available in my design to be able to adapt it to the Anycubic led lamp kit.

There are 3 models available which allow the lamp to be mounted either in 2 parts (base + body), or in 1 single element. The gaps are pre-designed so as not to need glue but an adhesive is provided with the kit if necessary.

The safest thing is to print the "base" part first to ensure that the Anycubic lamp clips correctly.

If it is necessary to reduce/enlarge the diameter of the base to accommodate the lamp, the theoretical dimension is 59.75 mm.


If the base is good, the body part can be printed. The lamp body prints without supports.

The print in photo was done in copper PLA from Arianeplast.

Total printing time is approximately 6 hours.

Print profiles files are available for download.


After a little painting (not having a multi-color printer), the result was great.

The little extra is being able to connect the kit to an external battery.

#Anycubic Creative Kit#

Remix desk lamp for Anycubic creative kit


Update:2024-06-07 16:55
xiaoxi82 3 xiaoxi2 zhuanfa
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All Comments2
Good idea for a remix. Well done.
2024-06-07 19:39
reply 0
Thanks, the kit can fit many designs.
2024-06-07 22:53
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