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Tetris 80s Drawer with Coinbank
#Weekly Featured Model Reward#

Hey together,

I needed a Drawer in my Gaming / Printing room for all the small Stuff.

So i decide to create a Drawer / Storage Box in a Gaming Style - one of the best Game Tetris!

The Drawer / StorageBox got 7 Parts.

- The Main Body, Feets with threads and 5 Drawer.

For the extra clue i Added a small Gap at the Top so u can use the drawer at the same time as a Coinbank..

WhatsApp Bild 2024-07-10 um 00.35.16_e1dce0b9.jpg

WhatsApp Bild 2024-07-10 um 00.35.15_e9bb0fe6.jpgWhatsApp Bild 2024-07-10 um 00.35.15_0f65be08.jpg

Happy Printing!

Drawer Tetris Style


2024-07-10 06:59
xiaoxi46 2 xiaoxi0 zhuanfa
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