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#Weekly Featured Model Reward# - Mini Chopping Boards
#Weekly Featured Model Reward#

I wanted a smaller set of chopping boards for the kitchen and with the makeronline kitchen contest this seemed to be the perfect time to design a set.


Each board is approximately 100mm x 150mm x 5mm a good thickness for a chopping board, they print well in PLA but you may wish to consider ASA or PETG for a more robust board.

I wanted colour coded boards for each food group, i.e. Meat, Chicken, Fish and Vegetables and thus came up with the following


As you can see above each board has an embedded food logo built into the board, if you only have a single colour printer then the logo will just vanish into the board.

I then needed a stand for the boards, while i had included a circular hole for hanging i would prefer a vertical stand, so i designed this stand for them.


Mini Chopping Board Set (4)


2024-07-10 15:28
xiaoxi36 1 xiaoxi0 zhuanfa
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