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Get ready to unleash your creativity and innovation in our latest 3D printing extravaganza! From May 7th to May 26th, we're calling on all makers to participate in our thrilling co...More>
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Calling all animal lovers and 3D enthusiasts—it's time to let your creativity soar! Enter our "3D Print Your Favorite Animal" contest and turn your animal passion into reality....More>
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Hello Makeronline, I don't know where the specific post for it went, but I have a Contest theme suggestion: Board Games! Models for board game organization, piece replacements, and things like that.
42 2 0
First impression of TPU on my Kobra 2 plus, I chose one of my models for this, a electrical switch box.The printing of the lower part and the upper part was done with a white pla f...More>
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To all Filament 3D printer users,I have designed filament sample and a storage box for the samples. Please check them out if you're interested!>
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Folding soldering iron stand by A2S dESING ( )Very handy print, and much better than the cheap little "st...More>
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The "Middle Finger Happy Pot" by TomoDesigns ( ) is a playful and humorous flower pot or desktop organizer. T...More>
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Original model: Today I printed this useful tool because every now and then at work I find handful of different...More>
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Original model: This is a really useful gadget to get material unstuck from the heatbed. Much better than the ...More>
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I use these for everything from thumb drives to nail clippers to loose change.
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