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Unique 3DModel Rewards
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🌟 Win $100 Gift Cards: Showcase Your Unique 3D Models! 🌟Hey Creators!We're thrilled to announce our Unique 3D Model Rewards challenge! It's time to unleash your creativity and showcase your amazing 3D printing skills. From June 7th to June 30th, you have the chanc...More>
166 5 3
Hello everyone,I spent my last week working on this Kobra 3 model. I tried my best to fit as many details as I could into this little model that fits on your hand, while not sacrif...More>
20 4 0
I have something exceptional for you! My brand-new model, the ‘1×1 for schoolchildren’. It's a fun way to learn and have fun!I have taken these two points into account:Educati...More>
80 3 3
I designed this really cool and unique Piranha Plant Dice Tower! The Piranha Plant chomps down the dice and mixes them up for you. Although the Piranha Plant isn't the most popular...More>
22 2 0


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