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🌟 Win a $200 Gift Card in the PANTONE Interstellar Violet Olympic Design Model Challenge!

Hey creators,

The 2024 Paris Olympics are just around the corner, and we've been thinking about what our community can do for the Paris Olympics. When we saw the purple track laid out at the Stade de France for this Olympic Games, we realized that purple is one of the common elements between us and this Paris Olympics. Remember the Four colors co-created by Pantone Color Institute and Anycubic we launched not long ago? It includes a special edition of PANTONE Interstellar Violet (Color Number: 2110C). Therefore, our community staff wants to use this common purple element and invite our community's talented designers to create models related to the Olympic theme for this Olympic Games.

🏅 Challenge Details

Theme: PANTONE Interstellar Violet Olympic Design Model Challenge 🏅

Date: May 30th to June 28th 📅

Winner Announcement: July 5th 🏆

📌 How to Participate

1.Use PANTONE Interstellar Violet (Color Number: 2110C) or similar purple to design one or more models related to the Olympics and Paris city landmarks 🗼.

2.Upload the model to Makeronline, starting the model's name with "PANTONE Interstellar Violet Olympic Challenge" 🖌️.

3.Slice the model using Anycubic Slicer [📥 download link for Anycubic Slicer], upload a Print Profile File for the model, and then upload the final printed physical photo to the model page (you can print using Anycubic machines or other brand machines) 🖨️.

4.In the community forum, create a post with the tag #PANTONEInterstellarVioletOlympicChallenge and your model 📸.

⚠️ Special Notes

All designs must be original and do not support Remix 🚫.

By choosing to participate in this event, you agree to authorize Anycubic and Makeronline to use the works you upload for this event for further commercial promotion and publicity - limited to commercial promotion and publicity (if used, we will credit the original designer in the promotion and publicity) 📢.

🎁 Prizes

We will select 1-5 outstanding designs, and each winner will receive a $200 gift card 💳!

📬 Prize Distribution

The gift card will be distributed through Makeronline system messages within one week after the announcement of the winners, so please be sure to check your notifications 🔔.

Source: Image from 建筑师不画图

Thank you for bringing creativity and enthusiasm to our community. Start designing now and strive to win the grand prize 🥇!

Good luck,

Makeronline Team 🎨

Update:2024-06-01 09:27
xiaoxi473 13 xiaoxi9 zhuanfa
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All Comments9
OK, my orders for kits and filament that have to do with the contest are really slow. Not saying this is true, but it kind of makes it seem like you're slowing down shipping so you get less entries....
2024-06-13 07:02
reply 0
2024-06-09 07:02
reply 0
Zammer 3D
2024-06-13 07:00
reply 0
My Entry -
2024-06-04 03:11
reply 2
I have now ordered the Kobra 3 Combo, with Pantone filament (4 pieces) plus another purple Pantone. As soon as that arrives, I will take part in this great event. I have a few ideas that I would like to realise.
2024-06-03 23:34
reply 1
I'll get to designing! Was planning on getting some anyway, they're really awesome colors! Now I have something to print with it! 🙂
2024-05-30 20:26
reply 4
I ordered Pantone Filament but i still wait on the delivery 😐
2024-05-30 14:58
reply 1
Zammer 3D BamBam Design
Yeah mine are also taking a long time... still zero updates, but the other filament I ordered just arrived twenty minutes ago...
2024-06-13 07:00
reply 0
BamBam Design
Still waiting... Could you check my order? @makeronline
2024-06-10 06:11
reply 0


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