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Kobra 3 Model 模型
#Daily Model Reward#

Hello everyone,

I spent my last week working on this Kobra 3 model. I tried my best to fit as many details as I could into this little model that fits on your hand, while not sacrificing the joy of assembling it.

上周我设计了这个Kobra 3模型。在不牺牲组装舒适度的情况下,我在这个小体积下塞入尽可能多的细节。

I think it looks awesome. Hope you also like it. V2 is coming soon.




Screenshot 2024-06-09 220439.jpg

Kobra 3 Model 模型

电容电阻分不清 Anxiety

Update:2024-06-11 14:07
xiaoxi30 5 xiaoxi4 zhuanfa
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Haha, nice.  I find it funny that we both uploaded one of these:
2024-06-11 18:57
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电容电阻分不清 Anxiety Umplix
Haha, I'm shocked when I see you even implemented bolts in your model!? Lol
2024-06-11 22:42
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Umplix 电容电阻分不清 Anxiety
Thanks; though you printed yours with more accurate coloring than I did.
2024-06-11 22:31
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