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Mini Kobra 3 Model Update 2x
#3D Printing Fun#

Hello, fellow makers!

I have another model update for you. Now the Mini Kobra 3's Y axis can connect to the Body of the model without glue along with the Power Supply Models. The assembly process is straightforward, just replace the Power supply, Body, and Y Axis with their V2, Updated, and V3 forms respectively. Print one of the Y to B Screws, and two of the Power Supply Screws. Previous XY Compensation values apply. I'm waiting for some filament to arrive, so I haven't printed it yet; but I have some renders for reference:

Model Update Power Supply Screw.jpgModel Update Y to B.jpg

Mini Kobra 3


2024-06-11 21:30
xiaoxi17 2 xiaoxi0 zhuanfa
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