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Progress on Infringing Model Handling

Based on recent user reports, we have identified a few users engaging in serious violations, such as the unauthorized use of others' models. Following an investigation, we have removed the infringing models from our platform.

For @giu_di3d, we have removed the infringing models and revoke his eligibility for the Challenge.

For those users engaging in widespread violations, such as @3dprintingclub and 3D_TAXI, we have revoked their eligibility to participate in contests and taken down all their models from our platform.

Makeronline is committed to maintaining a fair and friendly community for model designers, respecting their creative efforts, and protecting the copyrights of original authors. The investigation is ongoing, and we urge all Challenge participants to conduct self-checks on their uploaded models and voluntarily remove any infringing content. Failure to comply may result in disqualification from the Challenge, and serious offenders may face account suspension. We also welcome users to report any infringing models, preferably with accompanying links to the original works, to expedite the resolution process.

Thank you for your support, and let's continue to enjoy the fun of 3D printing together.

2024-05-08 18:34
xiaoxi303 10 xiaoxi3 zhuanfa
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2024-05-08 22:53
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Hello, I have a question, all my models are mine, first of all. But I have one model -> Vault 33 Diorama -> the diorama itself is mine, the Vaultboy is from Thingiverse. The other small models are all mine -> but copied from the net, I looked at the models and reconstructed them as closely as possible in Fusion360. I added all the links in the description -> does this cause a problem ?
2024-05-08 21:50
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Hi ! I would say that what is missing is an automated system that does summary tests (md5sum of files, similarity of 3D objects and images) to identify the reuse of models already on your platform and automatically notify you of possible malicious reuse. For me it would be wise to take care not to delete the models from your database but to hide them, make them inaccessible and put a flag on them, for later be able to easily identify new attempts to upload models if the case has already been processed / judged Because it seems to me that 3D_TAXI has reuploaded the models that you deleted. Good courage and Good continuation.
2024-05-08 20:16
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