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Daily Print Reward
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Hello Creators,We're excited to announce our new rules for the June 3D Print Challenge (June 1-30)! Every day, you have the chance to win a $50 gift card by showcasing your 3D printing skills. Here’s how you can participate:🌟 Win Big Daily!Daily Prizes: Each day, 1-5 excepti...More>
1.1k 10 57
My kids love to play with flexible models. I decided to print them some more. Now I have printed a cat (by @Costena) and a cow (by @SugarPaws3D). For both prints I chose PLA materi...More>
48 2 0
I wanted to print a toy that would please. I decided to print The Spiral Propeller Launcher Toy by @NUKDDD. I chose PLA material for printing on my Kobra 2. For the "toroidal poope...More>
51 2 0
A plant head just like me
7 0 0
A great gameboy key chain/ring by Rain3Prints in 3 colours very quickly.Good sized keyring holeI've used it with my rear door keys.
6 0 0
Good morning Everyone, I have printed this wonderful Vase designed by sipura. This print took 5h20 with one wall #Daily Print Reward#
22 2 0
My print today is → Charlie Brown and Snoopy from reddadsteveSlicer : Anycubic Slicer v1.4.2 (Windows 11)Filament: JayoSettings: -> no Support+Picture:I made two of Snoopy for...More>
34 2 0
Printed with a Bambu P1P printer. Infill 15%; , layer height 0,2 mm.The printing time was almost 5 hours because I printed with a slow speed filament.Material requirement 80 grams....More>
13 1 0
I found this stunning two piece wall art piece by Prodigy 8 on makeronline and had to print it.It comes in two parts which join up to form a great piece of wall art featuring mount...More>
12 1 1
Having driving glasses, work glasses and hobby glasses i'm forever searching my desktop for the correct pair, so when i saw this model by GENOS i had to print it.The desk based gla...More>
9 3 0
Hello !My print, in PLA, of "Snoopy" by "reddadsteve".Slicer : Anycubic Slicer v1.4.1 (Win) Printer : Anycubic Kobra 2 Pro (Firmware v3.1.2)Filament profil : "Anycubic PLA @KOBRA2 ...More>
31 1 6


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